who are we?

Al Markaz Homeopathic Centre was established in 2018 with the aim of providing alternative and holistic options to support health and wellbeing. The centre was established to serve the needs of an increasing number of people who suffer from complex combinations of emotional, physical and spiritual symptoms, after having accessed western medical treatments, with many having benefitted from our services.

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The centre provides a welcoming and easily accessible environment where people can discuss and access support for a variety of different illnesses including physical, emotional and spiritual problems. Consultations take place in a confidential setting with highly trained male and female practitioners available.  We aim to provide the best supportive care and deal with a huge variety of conditions including skin problems, gastrointestinal ailments, mental health conditions, respiratory illnesses, psychospiritual conditions and many more. 

Services offered include Homeopathy, counselling, Hijama (wet and dry cupping), and spiritual support. All staff are trained in professionalism, confidentiality and data protection, with regulations and liability insurance in place. All services are affordable and medicines are well priced to ensure accessibility for all. To benefit from our services book your consultation now by contacting 01274270043.