“I had suffered from a prolonged dry cough which persisted for over 7 weeks. In this time I had been prescribed with two sets of Antibiotic Treatments in tablet form and I had a chest x-ray which stated that my chest was clear.The cough seemed to be emanating from my throat rather than my chest and I was experiencing bouts of severe coughing several times a day and this resulted in me coughing for many times at a time. Immediately after, I would experience the compression on my wind pipe which would result in wheezing. I was prescribed an inhaler in order to alleviate this.

I approached Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza of Al Markaz Homeopathic Centre and after a thorough and detailed consultation I was prescribed Homeopathic Medication under his care, which alleviated the symptoms immediately and gradually my cough began to reduce until it finally ceased. I was continuously monitored by Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza throughout the duration in which I was taking the prescribed Homeopathic Medication.

I am glad to say that the cough has not returned. I am confident in recommending Al Markaz Homeopathic Centre and this is due to my own and personal experience.”



In this video, a patient discusses how the team at Al Markaz Homeopathic Centre helped her overcome her anxiety and prevented future panic attacks.